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Naruto ch. 433

11「-ナルト-」Chapter 433: Sage Technique Failure…!?
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Summary: Naruto’s sage mode has now run out due to his usage of the fuuton rasen shuriken and while he gets a breather, Shima suggests that she and Fukasaku go on and fuse with Naruto’s body, in order to prolong the sage mode. Fukasaku says that it is impossible, due to the Kyuubi’s chakra conflicting with their own, rejecting them out of his body. He does say that Naruto has figured out a way to overcome this disadvantage and told her that they will be doing that instead. God Realm Pain sees this opening and takes the opportunity to attack Naruto while he recuperates. Before Pain reaches Naruto however, Gamabunta stalls him by attacking him with his sword. Naruto takes the opportunity to take the giant scroll off his back, getting himself ready for the battle.
He proceeds to create space from himself, away from Pain and towards the direction of Fukasaku and Shima. Gamabunta however fails to stall Pain so he instantly catches up to Naruto. Thinking quickly, Naruto lobs the scroll towards Fukasaku and Shima and goes on to take Pain on by himself. Gamabunta is against Naruto fighting Pain in his state but Naruto insists that the giant frogs should leave the area immediately, as they might get caught in the Fuuton Rasen Shuriken.
At the same time, Fukasaku releases the scroll and reverse summons a Naruto bunshin from Myobokuzan, where two bunshins are seen meditating under the toad oil waterfall. After the summon arrives, Naruto releases the bunshin and gains the stored Sage chakra that he placed in it before the battle. Naruto is now back in sage mode and is overwhelming God Realm Pain once more with his Frog Katas. Fukasaku explains to Shima that before they left for Konoha, Naruto had created two kagebunshins and infused them with his sage chakra. They can just summon them at any time and Naruto is able to absorb the chakra stored within them.
Naruto generates another Rasen Shuriken and releases it towards God Realm. A twist occurs however as the rasen shuriken is intercepted and absorbed by Hungry Ghost Realm, who Naruto had taken out previously. Naruto soon realizes that the fallen Pains are being revived back to life by Hell Realm. He also noticed that God Realm hasn’t actually been using his abilities, which he finds to be really odd. Forming a plan, he creates a diversion using smoke bombs and proceeds to attack Hungry Ghost Realm with a rasen shuriken. He tries to absorb it but the rasen shuriken turns out to be Naruto’s henge. He tackles Hungry Ghost Realm down and another rasen shuriken appears directly behind him heading towards God Realm. Just in the nick of time however, Pain’s powers return and he is able to repel the attack with his Shinra Tensei. Amidst the commotion created by the previous attacks, Hell Realm is taken down by the last Naruto bunshin, setting up an epic 1-on-1 with a full powered God Realm Pain next week.
Next Week’s Chapter: 434 [Sage VS God]
My 2-Cents: Another week of Naruto is kicking ass and killing Pains. Last week I was kind of expecting for the worse when Naruto’s sage mode ran out, as I thought that like the Naruto of the past, the good things always never seem to last long. It was good to see that he was able to come up with a plan beforehand, reducing the chances of battle fatigue etc. I thought that after the mode was gone, he would then get royally whooped and have his ass shipped back to Akatsuki. Thankfully that’s not the case and with this chapter, everything is finally set up for an epic Sage Naruto VS God Realm Pain fight.
Personally it’s been a pretty long battle so far, spanning a month already within the 4 chapters. It’s been a while since we had a proper battle for Naruto so some screen shine for him is definitely a welcome change for me. It did take quite a while for the one on one to happen though, I would have preferred for them to square off in this chapter rather than having to wait another week (that might just me being impatient and fussy).
55Naruto has again showed some maturity I reckon, as he was able to square off with God Realm on equal footing while we was waiting for the Sage Mode to replenish. His taijutsu must have improved due to the Frog Katas, although things might have been different if the Sage mode came a second too late. Pain was getting his sword ready so Naruto might have been impaled if he was too slow. I do feel though that he is still lacking in ninjutsu variety. He still seems spam the rasengans every other panel, as he even used the dual rasengans as a smoke bomb (ingenious but you have to wonder about chakra wastage, although he does have a massive tank to pull from anyways). With his ability to create the ultimate technique Rasen Shuriken, which is said to be the best in terms of chakra recomposition etc., I expected that he would be able to freely use his wind chakra and create openings using it (maybe a gust of wind that acts like God Realm’s Shinra Tensei?). Maybe I’m asking too much of him right now, given how much he has improved currently anyways. I should just leave that sort of development for a bit later.
In classic Naruto fashion however, his flexible and creative way of thinking is still a joy to behold. He literally formulated a great plan right on the spot in order to take out Hell Realm. Pain certainly did not see that coming and Naruto’s use of the bunshins is still as good as ever. If he spams a jutsu, he’s better off doing it in ways such as that. The plan was perfect.
Overall it was a good and solid chapter. Nothing really overwhelming and certainly not as exciting as 431. Either way, seeing more of Naruto’s growth was pleasing and the cliffy at the end points to the next chapter being pretty good. Here’s hoping that they don’t end up just chatting throughout the chapter -_-;

Menyelami Keindahan Bawah Laut Lombok

Foto oleh Lakshmi Sawitri / Special Thanks to Ms. Lakshmi Sawitri for the permission to publish her photo.
Lombok memang terkenal dengan wisata bawah lautnya yang memukau. Beragam hewan bawah laut dan juga tumbuhan laut yang menakjubkan dapat Anda temukan disana. Hewan-hewan dan juga tumbuhan laut yang dapat Anda temukan memang menawan bukan hanya dari bentuknya saja, tetapi juga warna-warninya yang menawan.

Foto oleh Lakshmi Sawitri / Special Thanks to Ms. Lakshmi Sawitri for the permission to publish her photo.

Anda penggemar penyu? Nah, jangan sampai Anda melewatkan kesempatan menyelam di Lombok karena disana Anda bisa menemukan penyu berukuran besar dan cantik dengan wajahnya yang imut dan lucu. Jika Anda selama ini hanya melihat foto penyu atau menyaksikannya di akuarium air laut, kali ini Anda bisa menyaksikannya sendiri dengan mata kepala Anda. Hmm...penyu yang imut tersebut jika Anda lihat dengan mata kepala sendiri akan membuat Anda semakin menyayangi hewan bawah laut, khususnya penyu karena kecantikannya dan wajahnya yang lucu.

Foto oleh Lakshmi Sawitri / Special Thanks to Ms. Lakshmi Sawitri for the permission to publish her photo.

Selain penyu, banyak hewan laut lainnya yang dapat Anda saksikan disana, seperti misalnya whip coral goby. Nah, mendengar nama goby pasti Anda teringat ikan goby kecil yang sering Anda temui kan? Tapi asal tahu ya. goby satu ini bentuknya berbeda, karena goby satu ini warnanya hijau spotlight dan seperti unique..meskipun ini hewan kecil, tapi tetap saja hewan ini terlihat cantik karena bentuk tubuh dan warnanya yang mencolok namun unik.

Foto oleh Lakshmi Sawitri / Special Thanks to Ms. Lakshmi Sawitri for the permission to publish her photo.

Tumbuhan bawah laut disana juga tak kalah mengagumkan. Anda bisa melihat berbagai tumbuhan bawah laut dalam berbagai warna, seperti warna merah, hijau, abu-abu,  biru dan lainnya. Kombinasi warna tersebut memang memberikan warna yang indah dan sudah pasti membuat mata Anda terpesona dan tak akan henti-hentinya terkagum-kagum akan keindahannya.

Foto oleh Lakshmi Sawitri / Special Thanks to Ms. Lakshmi Sawitri for the permission to publish her photo.
Memang banyak yang dapat Anda saksikan di Lombok. Hmmm..jika Anda penasaran, foto-foto dari Lakhsmi Sawitri ini bisa membuat Anda melihat dan menyaksikan kekayaan bawah laut yang mempesona dan sudah pasti membuat mata Anda terbelalak untuk melihatnya terus-menerus. Warna-warni ikan dan tumbuhan lautnya, serta nikmatnya diving disana sudah pasti membuat Anda betah untuk mengunjungi Lombok yang memukau.

Foto oleh Lakshmi Sawitri / Special Thanks to Ms. Lakshmi Sawitri for the permission to publish her photo.

Cerita tentang bawah laut Lombok yang mempesona memang tidak akan ada habisnya. Merasakan kenikmatan menyelam bagai terhanyut dalam puisi serta melihat hewan dan tumbuhan laut yang menawan memang akan merupakan pengalaman yang tak terlupakan. So, persiapkan perlengkapan diving Anda dan siapkan diri Anda menyelami keindahan bawah laut Lombok. It will be the great experience in your life!!

2.000 Pulau Bakal Tenggelam

Pulau Seribu Jakarta
JAKARTA, KAMIS - Akibat perubahan iklim dan naiknya permukaan air laut, diperkirakan sekitar 2.000 pulau di Indonesia pada tahun 2030 akan tenggelam. Karena itu, berbagai upaya untuk memperlambat pemanasan global harus dilakukan.
Menteri Negara Lingkungan Hidup Rachmat Witoelar mengatakan hal itu sebelum acara penyerahan Sinar Mas Global Warming Competition Award, Rabu (16/1) di Jakarta.
Rachmat Witoelar mengatakan, dalam catatan rata-rata tahunan, tahun 1998 memiliki rekor suhu terpanas mencapai 26,5 derajat Celsius, naik 1 derajat Celsius dari rekor sebelumnya. Meningkatnya pemanasan secara global ini memengaruhi permukaan air laut yang makin meningkat pula.
Rachmat juga mengemukakan, hasil pemantauan tinggi permukaan air laut yang dilakukan pada 1925-1989 cenderung meningkat. Di Jakarta kenaikan permukaan air laut 4,38 milimeter per tahun, Semarang 9,27 milimeter per tahun, dan Surabaya 4,38 milimeter per tahun.
Untuk memperlambat pemanasan global, banyak hal yang bisa dilakukan. Bagi kalangan pengusaha diimbau agar perusahaannya jangan mengeluarkan polusi ke udara. Di sisi lain harus menyiapkan dana dan melakukan upaya penghutanan kembali.
Dalam upaya membangun kesadaran bagi masyarakat mengenai dampak dari pemanasan global, Garin Nugroho dari PT Karya SET Film bekerja sama dengan Kementerian Negara Lingkungan Hidup dan Sinar Mas mengadakan kegiatan workshop lingkungan hidup, lomba iklan layanan masyarakat, film, dan poster lingkungan hidup. (NAL)

Puisi Pelaut

Sepi sendiri sang pengembara [a.k.a Puisi Pelaut 1.1]

Dalam hening damai cakrawala tak berujung//
Menumbuhkan benih-benih kerinduan//
kepada pantai dan dermaga//
dimana akar dan pucuk pohon rasa memulai//


Biduk terarah menuju cahaya keemasan sang mentari//
mengundang malam, melukiskan guratan senja kemerahan//
pada ujung pantai dan dermaga//
dimana akar dan pucuk pohon melambai//


Dalam kegelapan malam menjelang pagi, dalam dingin yang menusuk kerinduan//
biduk terarah bertuntunkan bintang//
menuntun perahu merapat ke pantai dan dermaga//
mentari membiaskan siluet daratan tempat akar dan pucuk pohon menyambut//


Sang pengembara sudah pulang//
dalam kerinduan yang tak terperikan//
akan pantai dan dermaga//
akan akar dan pucuk pohon yang menunggu..menawarkan kehangatan dalam teduh….

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Problem Pencurian Ikan
Sabtu Mei 03rd 2008, 9:15 am
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Problem Pencurian Ikan
Salam Tribun
PERSOALAN pencurian ikan di perairan Indonesia tidak kalah rumitnya dibandingkan dengan pembalakan liar di kawasan hutan. Walaupun pemerintah berupaya sekuat tenaga memberantas kedua kegiatan ilegal tersebut, pencurian dan pembalakan masih tetap terdengar. (more…)


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